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Cabaire® Controllable Pressurization Unit for Cabins

Cabaire is a self-contained controllable pressurization unit with multi stage filtering. It utilizes Top Air’s long proven precleaner and filtration technology. It is mounted at the cabin to create overpressure, protecting the operator inside. It can also be used to create overpressure in electrical enclosures.

What is Cabaire used for?

Protecting machine operator’s health.

Monitoring pressure in machine cabins.

Protecting electrical enclosures against dust related malfunctioning.

Monitoring pressure in electrical enclosure.

• Trap dangerous particles like silica or to absorb gasses, odors and fumes.



Why do I choose Cabaire? 

High efficiency due to Top Air’s precleaners and multi stage filtering.

• 10.000 hours of brushless motor performance( for the APC and ICP).

• Available with paper, hepa or activated charcoal elements.

Silent when pressure is built up(APC and ICP).