We keep your equipment moving.

With our filter equipment, your mining, quarrying, construction or forestry machines will have less downtime so it operates more efficient.

Our precleaners help your engine to use less fuel, lower engine maintenance and improve performance. Our Cabaire Pressurization Systems keep machine operators safe. And our Heavy Hoods keep your precleaners protected from falling stones, logs or other damaging objects.

We don't cost you money, we save you money.



As you can see we've made a comparison of an average piece of mining equipment's Return Of Investment. On the left, there is no precleaner, on the right, the machine is equipped with a Top-Air heavy duty metal precleaner. The amount of money spent on filter changes and added downtime costs without a Top-Air equipped is significant.


How does a precleaner work?

1) The Top-Air precleaner starts working because of the vacuum created by the engine. The air that gets drawn in through the sloped slats which makes the propeller spin.

2) When the propeller is spinning it creates centrifugal force. This seperates incoming debris from clean air. The debris is pushed to the outside of the precleaner.

3) The "dirty air" is pushed out of the precleaner through the vent.

4) The clean air gets drawn to the air box.

5) The clean air goes through the filter and thus to the engine.


How do I pick the right pre-cleaner?

Simply click on our products, decide between metal or composite, and click on the different machine brands and types to find your exact machine. We did all the measuring work for you.

  • Open our products and find your machine

  • Take of the OEM raincap

  • Mount Top-Air® with spanner size 11

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