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Top-Air® Heavy Hood Precleaner

Top Air Heavy Hood Precleaner

This product was a customization for a big forestry client that would often get their Top Air precleaners damaged severely by falling logs, making their machines standstill far too often.

Lots of other forestry and mining companies, fleet owners and machine producers have been showing interest in this rugged product for the same reason so we decided to make it available here.

Meet the Top Air Heavy Hood Precleaner. 7mm of solid steel that protects your embedded precleaner from damage by falling rocks and logs. 

Why do I need a Top Air Heavy Hood Precleaner?

  • When your current precleaner is getting destroyed by rocks, stones, logs or other damaging falling objects.
  • You want to make sure falling objects don’t result into a machine standstill.

Why do I choose for a Top Air Heavy Hood Precleaner?

  • Easy to mount with bolts.
  • Easily the highest form of protection for your precleaner and your air inlet and as a result, your engine.
  • Low restriction due to perforated bottom of the Top Air Heavy Hood Precleaner.

Available for 6inch connector pipes. Other sizes on request. Contact us for more info about other sizes.